Amna Osman - Michigan Public Health Leader and Global Consultant

Drawing on 15 years executive experience, Amna Osman is a public health administrator and consultant who engages with the Great Lakes Leadership Academy at Michigan State University as a mentor and leadership coach. Amna Osman earlier served with the Michigan Department of Community Health as the director of the Division of Health, Wellness, and Disease Control and focused on strategies for preventing and intervening in AIDS/HIV cases.

Among other accomplishments, Ms. Osman set in place a Health Equity Road Map that addressed systemic disparities in levels of care and secured $2.4 million in grant and supplemental award funding that directly benefitted Michigan residents.

From 2008 to 2013, Ms. Osman was a consultant with the National Association of State and Territorial Apprenticeship Directors (NASTAD) in Ethiopia and worked on implementing health officer training and intervention strategies in regions of the country with extremely high rates of HIV. She undertook an assessment of the Sisters Informing Sisters about Topics on AIDS (SISTA) program and helped modify this initiative to meet the specific requirements of the Amhara region. Amna Osman also has professional experience in implementing United Nations Millennium Goals and in addressing issues such as the eradication of poverty and female genital mutilation.


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