The Stewardship Network Protects the Great Lakes

The Stewardship Network pic

The Stewardship Network

Amna Osman helps the people of Michigan through her work in the public health sector. Over the course of her career, she has focused on such matters as the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases and is dedicated to prevention and intervention to stop them. Amna Osman is also a member of the Stewardship Network.

The Stewardship Network connects stewards of the Great Lakes, helping them keep their land and water clean. The organization concentrates on educating and mobilizing people, giving them the tools they need to care for their environment.

The Stewardship Network believes that change comes from within and that the best source of environmental inspiration is nature itself. Members are encouraged to physically get out into nature, since the best ideas for preservation are inspired there.

Even more central to the values of the network is collaborative conservation, truly the backbone of the movement. The Stewardship Network seeks to decentralize conservation efforts, creating grassroots networks encompassing the region and the world. The group believes that, together, real people in real communities can keep the Great Lakes healthy for generations to come.


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